Unlock Exceptional Furniture Deals Through Modern Purchasing Contracts

Secure Berco Designs and Oasis Berco products for your organization at unparalleled prices. Our modern purchasing contracts redefine furniture acquisition procedures.

National Contracts

A gateway to competitive pricing for procurement across the nation.
Berco Designs and Oasis Berco have earned a reputation for reliability and excellence, supplying furniture that stands the test of time, suited for public sector spaces and education environments.
Take advantage of aggressive savings through our GSA purchasing agreements on select Berco Designs products, including cafeteria booth seating, training tables, and conference tables for government organizations.
Leverage our collaboration with TIPS-USA purchasing system for a streamlined procurement process with Berco Designs and Oasis Berco.

State Contracts

Specific agreements tailored for state-level procurement compliance and savings. Find your state on the map below to learn more.
Contract NameContract DetailsContract DownloadsContact
New YorkTest DetailsNY_Contract_Summary_2019.pdfName
South Carolina, State of4400022788SC_Contract_Summary_2021.pdfMandy Brown
Arizona State of, BER1065Tri-University_Contract_Summary_2023.pdfDonna Wolosyk
GSA Contract Holder
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